Authentic Italian cuisine in Philadelphia PA




All our desserts are homemade!


Tiramisu 8.00 - Three layers of lady fingers soaked with coffee and liqueur, filled with zabaglione cream, topped with grated Belgium Chocolate
Spumoni 9.00 - Traditional Sicilian semifreddo cream combining zabaglione and chocolate ice cream, a heart of semifreddo cream candied fruit and caramelized hazel nuts
Cannoli 8.00 - Combination of a coated pastry shell and a smooth filling of Ricotta creme (made of real sheep milk)
Sorbetto trio 9.00 - No dairy added.Blood Orange, Limoncello, White Peach, Passion Fruit, Green Apple
Pana Cotta 8.00 -Milk base custard with hit of vanilla served over pistachio and topped with wild berry souse.
Creme Brulee 8.00 - A classic European dessert; creamy custard covered with caramelized sugar
Profiterole 8.00 - Home-made cream puffs, with Chantilly cream filling covered with melted Belgian chocolate
Tartufo 9.00 - Chocolate and vanilla ice cream separated by mixed sliced nuts with a cherry center and coated with a semi-sweet chocolate
New York Cheesecake 8.00 - Traditional New York cheesecake vanilla flavored
Gelato trio 9.00 - Amoretto, Fig, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Lavender
Chocolate Mousse 8.00 - Dark Chocolate mousse on a homemade chocolate crust
Dessert Combo 30.00 - A selection of Tiramisu, Mini Cannoli, Chocolate Mouse, Cheese Cake and Flan, served family style
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream 6.00



Italian Sparkling or Natural Still Water 7.00
Soda & Diet Soda 3.00
Coffee or Decaffeinated Coffee 2.50
Cappuccino or Decaffeinated Cappuccino 5.00
Machiato or Decaffeinated Machiatto 5.00
Espresso or Decaffeinated Espresso 2.50
Double Espresso or Decaffeinated Espresso 5.00
Late or Decaffeinated Late 5.00
Herbal or Regular Tea 2.50
Ice Tea 2.50
Lemonade 2.50
Orange or Cranberry Juice 2.50
Milk 2.00
Hot Chocolate 3.00

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